Vendée Globe: Abandonment of Samantha Davies, victim of a collision (team)

Paris (AFP) - English sailor Samantha Davies (Initiatives-Coeur), victim of a "violent collision" on Wednesday, was forced to retire in the Vendée Globe, her team announced on Saturday.

"Following the violent collision which occurred Wednesday evening at the level of the Initiatives-Coeur keel, Sam Davies cannot carry out repairs and checks alone at sea to continue his race safely," said his team in a press release.will stop over in Cape Town (South Africa), to repair his boat and leave off the race.

The Englishwoman, who was among the favorites of the event, plans to dock in Cape Town on Saturday, where she was in 12th place on Wednesday when her boat hit an Ofni (unidentified floating object).

“Unfortunately, I can't fix it on my own, there is too much damage, especially in the keel, you have to get the boat out of the water,” Davies told his team.

But if she gives up the race, she intends to get back to sea quickly.

"It's too dangerous to enter the South Seas with all these unknowns.You really have to inspect everything.The race stops but I hope the adventure does not stop.I have always said that my mission was to go around the world on this boat.If I can fix the boat and leave, I am motivated to do it, "she added.

Davies embarked on this round the world trip as a couple, his companion the French Romain Attanasio (Pure-Best Western) pointing to 12th place on Saturday noon.

In Cape Town, she will meet Alex Thomson and Sébastien Simon, also forced to land in Cape Town.

On Saturday morning, the French skipper Charlie Dalin firmly occupied the position of leader of the race, entering the Indian Ocean.

Posted Date: 2020-12-08

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